Salsamentary, a documentary following three couples on their way to the 2006 World Salsa Championships in Las Vegas. (on1, on2, and cabaret division). The couples are Darlin Garcia and Kathleen Eccleston (on1 division), Taiti Walter and Cristel Beijkirch (on2 division), and Victor Colon and Sonya Elmore (cabaret division). Produced by Nuevotec Productions. Includes interviews with Albert Torres, Rob Beiner, Abel Pena, Zulmara Torres, Oliver Pineda, Luda Kroitor, Roberto Arenas, Marie-Josee Strazzero, Yesenia Peralta, Burju Perez (Hacha y Machete), Grisselle Ponce, Ismael Otero (Caribbean Soul), Ana Massicot, Joel Massicot (Masacote Dancers).
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